Dachshunds have a very long life span

Dachshunds live between 10 - 20 yrs if YOU follow these simple instructions

Your Dog Will Live for a Long Time

Dachshunds live for a very looooong time! All jokes aside, Dachshunds can well into their twenties, in fact Chanel, a 21-year old Doxie made it into Guinness record book as the oldest live dog. Her fur turned all gray and could not see or walk, but she did live a long time.

Christina G, a reader of this blog wrote last year that her:

Honey will turn 17 in a few months! She still acts like a little girl and will chase down a cat in a heartbeat! She still has a great appetite although she has lost most of her teeth and can only eat soft food now. If Honey is still alive, she will be turning 18 soon.

Some diseases are treatable

Some pet owners will put their dogs down too early if medical conditions are not recognized. We thought we were going to lose Chloe -- who is going on 12 -- to some disease. She was very lethargic, shivering, drinking lots of water, having accidents all over the house. It turns out that she has Cushings and the treatment is working well for her.

Dachshunds can live up to 15 years

So how long do Dachshunds live? A very long time indeed! Please share with us how old your Dachshund is in the comments below.