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What is the Best Indoor Dog Ramp?

Everything YOU Want to Know About Miniature Dachshunds


[caption id="attachment_352" align="alignleft" width="296" caption="Clever design of the Dura Ruff Indoor Dog Ramp (Photo: ClknGo/drsfostersmith.com)"][/caption]

My three Doxies just love to get onto the couch to sit with their ???Mommy,??? but Chloe our oldest Dachshund has a difficult time hopping up and navigating those ???dog steps for small dogs.????? Most likely it is her cataracts that are giving her problems seeing things since she tends to leap horizontally off the couch landing on all fours instead of the front two paws like normal dogs.?? If you put a cape on her, she would look like a flying Dachshund.

We???ve tried a make-shift indoor dog ramp out of furniture for her to get onto our bed, but the incline is somewhat steep for her to walk up to those comfy pillows she loves to sleep on top of.

I???ve been researching and looking for the best indoor dog ramp for many years now and I believe that I may have found one.?? At $160, I have to admit the price is somewhat twice expensive for most ramps on the market, but caring for your dog may outweigh the price.?? Drs. Foster and Smith Dura-Ruff?? Indoor ramp is a very well designed sectional pet ramp that allows you to configure the sections in a straight or right angle.?? The incline is not too steep so it should work for Chloe.

It has a rubber-like fabric cover that gives the extra traction.?? Plus they carry replacement cover so you don???t have to go out and buy a new ramp.?? If I can get all my three dogs to use it, I???m sure they???ll wear it out.

The ramp comes in four colors, so it will blend into your d??cor with little trouble.?? Now, only if I can convince my Doxie???s ???Mommy??? to buy the best indoor dog ramp, I???ll be able to give you an update to this review and we???ll see if it really helps our dogs.

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