» Express Your Anal Glands

Express Your Anal Glands

Everything YOU Want to Know About Miniature Dachshunds


For the past week or so, Odie has be crying when he poops. On top of that he's been scooching his butt on the carpet. Dr. Thomas, our great Vet at Midtown Veterinary Clinic, examined Odie today and found that Odie's anal glands were swollen. Dr. T. expressed those glands and out came that clear smelly stuff which is good since it was clear and not infected. He said we caught it early, since usually what happens is that swollen glands will abscess and burst open. Then you have a big problem. Odie managed to get a sore on his butt from dragging it on the carpet or licking it to much to relieve the swollen glands. Odie is on antibiotics for 10 days to clear up the infection and his fecal examine came back negative for parasites.

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